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Monday, April 10, 2000
the silver surfer

ahead of the break as the probability wave collapsed he surfaced down the house of cards each face a parallel universe, a separate quantum reality. theory spread in the wake of his board like gentle verse in a song.

Sunday, April 9, 2000
hey i found this toast i gave at my brother's wedding while i was looking for my W-2 forms a few days ago. i was rereading it and it makes no sense at all.

Almost 9 years ago to this day my brother left for Seattle and broke my heart. Someone who I had looked up to and admired, someone to play with and talk to, and most importantly, someone I could bother and mess with - was gone.

What's funny about Ernest is his name is literally what he is, in both Chinese and English. He's one of the few people I know without pretense or guile, which sometimes makes him an easy target (well taken advantage of at his bachelor party I hear :) but also a valuable commodity in this day and age that I truly respect.

But what makes my loss so great is that it's someone else's very special gain. After leaving the nest 9 years ago and starting a new home and life in Seattle he was lucky enough to meet the woman of his dreams and fall in love! - with this fine beautiful lady sitting before you right now.

So in the twilight of an old millennium and the dawning of a new, I'd like to propose a toast to Love found, marraige forever, fate, hope, God and rock 'n roll! To my brother and his lovely wife I wish you profound joy and happiness.

i also found the mushroom necklace* my friend derek gave me a while ago. i think i found it about the same time terence mckenna died.

*i'd lost it.

some tantalizing tidbits from FT weekend:

  • A quiet revolution is the way some intellectuals are describing the cultural and political changes sweeping Iran. The transformation of a society which increasingly holds its rulers accountable and demands more personal freedoms is moving ahead at a pace that terrifies hard-line clerics and has even some reformists worried.

  • "No matter what their citizenship, how long they may have resided in the United States or how assimilated they are, the 'common understanding' that Asians are an alien presence in America is still a prevailing assumption in American culture."

  • So far as structural factors are concerned, the problems mainly reflect the stand-alone character of bodies such as the WTO and IMF. In a national context, a finance ministry or treasury is just one ministry among others. There is usually a Cabinet or some forum in which ministers with varying responsibilities - social, cultural, environmental and educational as well strictly economic - meet to determine a collective response to problems.

Saturday, April 8, 2000
some more cut & paste (reconstructed) from the annals of the C-K ConneXioN!!!

to set the stage: carey had just joined with uvona (proud sponsors of the pint and the creators of adamwest.com) before they were unceremoniously acquired by rapidigm, a staid provider of "enterprise e-business solutions."

> > > yeah, i've been watching pint.org/boston slowly evolve and take shape the past couple weeks.

> > don't do that. it'll make your eyes bleed. I was done with all of that on thursday, I think.

> yeah, maybe i could do like time-lapse photography (or screenshots) instead. like they do when building a building, or a flower is blossoming/spider spinning a web/caterpillar metamorphising.

or maybe you could bus to boston on the day of the first pint and hold a rally against the pint organization and its animal testing policies.

> > > > We're positioning ourselves as the creative element inside of Rapidigm, and building a separate site to display ourselves. I get the feeling that I'm not going to be able to push it too far away from simple shapes and pastel color palettes, but I guess it's better than nothing. Maybe not. I dunno.

> > > is that what "elementri" is?

> > yeah. that'll be me. well, more precisely it'll be me developing imagery that confines itself to the "vision" that Augi will be "thinking about" this weekend. I'm sure that this vision will be a collection of oversimplified forms and verbose text, but I may have some say somehow, and if so, I'm screaming "FORWARD!!!"

> i think you should do a spoof called rapijism! get it? :) it'd be pronounced rapi-"jime" :)

> that's cool you'll be able to implement augi's "jism" that he'll be "producing" over the weekend. a petri dish collection of crusty half-formed stains/specimens. and it won't be enough. he'll be bent over with a butt plug up his ass straining and sweating against his leash as he leads his leather-clad dominatrix around the mansion sniffing for "spills" while she screams "FORWARD!!!" and mercilessly presses the spike heel of her thigh-high deep into his spinal cord.

yyyaa ya! ah, mein gott! ist orgasmiken! ya, mein gott!! ahhhh!!
click here for fun -> http://www.lukeworld.com/

> > http://www.blastradius.com

> blastradius is pretty futurisitic.

I was excited cuz I had been looking at stuff like www.proxicom.com and www.scient.com which are both competitors of some sort to Rapidigm. Preparation for the image overhaul... we're positioning. I don't think it'll be too hard to separate from the pack. We ain'ta part a yer herd, y'hear?!

carey sent me a card, goth-kid that he is. i thank thee.

Friday, April 7, 2000
i was listening to andrew's songs all day yesterday and today. (thanks twitch!)

it just sort of dawned on me that andrew is the guy behind pitas and diaryland. like it all made sense when i realized that it wasn't "bernice to bears."

wow, the virgin diary.

huntz is in a funk.

this world is bullshit! (via fionaappleonline)

three from yupislyr:

  1. dongs of sevotion (circuitously via brian and jack :)
  2. manitoba pot
  3. a really disturbing incident

have you seen the new bill gates commercial?

Thursday, April 6, 2000
understanding hate and other comic reviews.

Some of this comix's best moments are when its characters freak out. This is the moment of truth: when all the shit that's been going on to them catches up to them and gives them no choice but to explode all over the page, arms waving and eyes bugging out as they scream irrationally about the stuff that's really important in life: love, pride, and the importance of hanging out.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000
saw luna last night at the metro. it was a great show, they played "exceptionally well" as the guy in front of me mentioned. seven o'clock shows are pretty cool an opening band and two encores and you're home before eleven. i also picked up some the the tickets.

the opening band, btw, was also really good gaberdine! the front man was kind of sounding like a cross between thom yorke and gavin rossdale.

carey found my homepage :)

Tuesday, April 4, 2000
the jedi creed is kind of wacky. i'm reminded of a supposed account where l. ron hubbard and robert heinlein made a bet over who could pattern a religion around one of their books. hubbard came up with scientology and heinlein wrote stranger in a strange land. anyway, with star wars george lucas appears to be among the august company of visionaries in the last half-century who have gathered a religious following around their work, whether by accident or design.

here's a gnugget of wisdom for all ages :)

In wanting, it will not come. In seeking, you will not find. In fearing, you experience what you fear! In all of these, your mind is then accepting the fact that what you are after, you do not currently have. So, you may wonder, how does one change this so that a situation occurs, as you would actually like it to. This is very simple. You cannot give what you do not have. In giving, comes the realization of having.

If you seek happiness, give it to another, so that in doing so you realize that you had happiness in the first place.

If you seek love, give it to another, so that in doing so you realize that you had love in the first place.

If you seek inner strength, give it to another, so that in doing so you realize that you had inner strength in the first place.

If you seek wisdom, give it to another, so that in doing so you realize that you had wisdom in the first place.

If you seek basic needs, give them to another, so that in doing so you realize that you had them in the first place.

Of course, there is a flaw in this method. If you give simply so that you can receive, you are once again accepting the fact that you do not have it, because your goal is getting it. The trick to getting what you want is not in putting all your effort into getting it, but in realizing that you had it all along.

This is the Perfection of Life that we have been given.

lesson 37

Monday, April 3, 2000
here's another link on trafficking in women and children. it's a "case study" placing trafficking in the larger context of human rights.

whoa... this is thorough.

hey, i almost forgot. ftrain and flux redux are hooking up in i guess what they're calling white papers! it's a joint weblog of sorts, but more running correspondence of the he said/she said post-riposte repartee variety, bogart & bacall exhibitionism to our voyeuristic yearnings for learned and insightful discussion. whatever :)

Sunday, April 2, 2000
trafficking in women and children

"Trafficking is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal enterprises in the world. After drugs and guns it is considered the third largest source of profits for organised crime."

Saturday, April 1, 2000
i like sleeping with the windows open :)

community policing (via zaa zaa furi)

robotwiz had a link to a map of recent school shootings. connecting the dots across the states, the lines crossed in hope, arkansas... like the nazca lines, it could only have been seen from outer space. the link was off the homepage of the university of missouri-rolla's police department, but they seem to have taken it down :(

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