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Friday, March 10, 2000
it's been cut & paste the last few days, a seeming leap across the void, empty of episode or inspiration. i dunno...

so without further ado, here's some more of the fruits from the ongoing dialogue that is the C-K ConneXioN!!!

>  They shoot em from the chest up because Lavar Burton
has his hand in their pants while they're doing their reviews.

maybe that's how he went blind as geordi laforge -
associative masturbation.

>  >  i don't think there's anything to be stuck on, though,
because there's nothing to 'get'. it's like whatever you think
about, an itch.

>  that's so progressive.

yeah, but i want it to be regressive at the same time to
negate it's "isness" :)
>  type that small needs as much contrast against it as
possible, and nothing flowing through its reading frame, so
you might want to ditch the oversized polka-dots too. The
front page is lookin a little tighter, though. You might also
want to differentiate between links and archived
materials on the front.

once it's archived i can't touch the html... but maybe
that'll add to the effect since the archived material looks
more archaic, it'll seem more authentic or something, even
though it was created in a pre-fab template.

>  country is on the move. that damned shania twain
sticking her nose into pop, and now everyone wants to
follow suit and move out of the opry house.

yeah, they're listed in the allmusic guide as alternative
country, although they may have some issues with their
"isness" :)
>  I think he could be the new Andre The Giant.

did he wrestle before?
>  nothing's an "is", which of course limits language, but
for the sake of efficiency in daily communication, we make
a lot of assumptions about the "isness" of things, without
which we would be somewhat crippled by verbosity I think,
don't you?

is nothing really nothing, though? just kidding... but really
i mean if i want to explore what nothing really is, then i
need to abandon is and become more verbose. on the other
hand, if i don't really care about the finer distinctions of
nothing then is'll suffice. i think it's the same reason
why process physics resolves the impasse between a closed
and open universe, because it's an issue of resolution and
sampling. at what level are you aware/mindful of the difference?

>  >  i think their point was that logical progressions fail
to capture all facets of reality. like the article said, "a
random number [is] one that is incompressible... it cannot
be generated by an algorithm--a set of instructions or
rules such as a computer program--that is shorter than the
number." logic implies that things necessarily follow,
whereas in randomness they don't. so it is kind of a new
logic, i think, that explores randomness rather than
assuming everything is logical.

>  they're still using logic to explore this randomness and
self-construction, but it's interesting because there's a
good chance that they'll come up with some unexplainable
findings... ones that seem to describe laws that are true
but which don't fit into our logical framework. kinda like
quantum theory. the big thing is that we have these models
to describe quantum behaviors, but we don't really
understand them cuz we can't bend around modern logic. i'm
just wondering how far we are from finding that pliability.

yeah, synthetic zero had a discussion on that today by
introducing the (multi-)dimensionality of objects and the
hegemony of frames of reference. without looking from and
in all directions, you cannot conceivably understand an
object in its totality or whatever. it requires empathy.

so like you're saying you wouldn't take randomness as a
given, but rather abstract it into a 'new' logic that would
be completely accessible and explainable? i would guess,
though, that the moment the universe became completely
transparent to our understanding, the irreducible would
suddenly become reducible and we'd all completely vanish
into the black whole from whence we originated.

personally, i think a little bit of ambiguity is needed for
reality, hence awareness :

but then i guess, if we could learn to restructure/reformulate
ambiguity through awareness then we could start bending
reality with our minds. so i would hazard that introducing
self-referentialness into logical systems might be the
beginning of modeling/mapping a greater reality.

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here's my impression of an artistically rendered composition, in what amounts to creative expression for me - black & white, a little editing and minimal effort from what flows naturally "after the knowledge of our buried life."

one thing about the rules of time is that they appear inviolate - you can never go back to change stuff. but what if you could and it's happening all the time, all around us, only it's not so obvious?

if that's cryptic well... just imagine two ships silently passing each other unawares through the mist shrouded night.

Thursday, March 9, 2000
i was clearing out some old email because my account was getting full and i found this stimulating email conversation i was having with carey in progress.

>Don't mess with the baby.  That's a damned cute baby.  

that's why it's the perfect centerpiece, mon ami.

>Bad beer: Always a social stimulant.

there's nothing like a nice buzz in a moving vehicle.

>I tried to chat request you and it was a no-go.  If I could find someone else who uses ICQ, i might be able to figure out whether the problem is on my end or yours.  

i've been able to chat and send messages okay.  maybe there's an icq help desk or something.

>Jeff does, but his computer is on the fritz.  He got a
K6-II 300 and a dandy motherboard plus a barrel full of RAM but he can't get the damn thing to work.  We've narrowed it down to a motherboard problem, but it's not like we're going to take a sautering iron to it and
test it out, so he's taking it to a tech support guy at compusa today to have a look.  I'm excited to see it running because he has a 4x cd burner and once that thing gets on a 24hr burn schedule, I can probably get a shitload of free wares from him.  Dandiddlydoo, partner!!

i'm thinking about getting a mac, but i don't know why really.  it must be the advertising.

    get... out of... my.... MIND!!  



          i SAID stoppit!  
                      quit it RIGHT now.

i'm warning you.


son of a BITCH! now look what you did..

     how cou-

                oh gawd, what's that smell?

      what is that SMELL!!?

but i thought, i thought...

but i thought...

no, NO!

not again....PLEASE not again.  

     oh pleaseoplease



    i swear..  i PROMI-

 can't you listen!?   don't DO that! cut it out...

i'm telling yo-

 okay?   just wait.



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Wednesday, March 8, 2000
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Tuesday, March 7, 2000
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Monday, March 6, 2000
sauce marketer* - a person or agency or whatever that sells stuff by appealing to our baser impulses.

you can listen to preeminent sauce marketer frank t.j. mackey toll free by dialing 1-877-TAME-HER... well i guess not, they took it off :( it was pretty cool, though.

*inspired by ebert's movie glossary

here's another useful glossary of terms.

the monica lewinsky story [via robotwiz (from the national enquirer)]

is beck the new prince?

Sunday, March 5, 2000
been doing more thinking on process physics :) from what i can gather, it's a description of reality that phenomenologically arises out of chaos.

so beneath our surficial, experiential reality that we all know and love, there's another component beyond observation and comprehension – literally the unknown, of which we're all but unaware. what's novel about cahill & klinger's idea is it allows we're aware that we're unaware.

we guess at possibilities and apply heuristics to create logical progressions that continually approximate (but never exactly replicate) our experience of reality precisely because we're ultimately unaware of what's going on. at the limits of understanding is the unknown, the random, which in itself is something of a proof of the law of unintended consequences.

by acknowledging this, they recognized that randomness plays an integral part in our experience of reality, that it is in fact through our awareness of the unknown that reality is literally interpreted (from what is essentially background noise). as proof their 'evolved' model, a self-referencing never-ending math equation fueled by random noise, begins to give rise to what appears to be laws and properties very similar to the ones upon which our own universe is based.

so it seems all this implies is from nothing, something or "i think therefore i am," except that really cahill & klinger want you to look at it from the other way around. by doing so they show us that the world is not so much made through volition and a will to power, but an understanding of our reaction to random events.

it's like better physics through introspection. i just can't believe they're doing this mathematically, but this is from someone who couldn't even get through the first chapter of godel, escher, bach :)

it's cool, they originally called their concept a heraclitean quantum system, a nod toward heraclitus of ephesus who postulated that fire was the principle element of an orderly universe, according to merriam-webster (they also use the funky noumenological to describe the logical consequences of the limitations of logic). i figure they renamed it to the more prosaic process physics for easier digestion in the physics community, but maybe also to illustrate its general application to all of physics as well. i mean they claim their theory unifies space and quantum physics! i also think it resolves the impasse on whether or not our universe is an open or closed system, but that's just me.

here's an interesting book they mentioned influenced their work.

Saturday, March 4, 2000
a fading regime

"The younger generation are apolitical, unemployed and uninterested and they don't understand or care about Gadaffi. And a whole economic life is taking place outside the structure."

Friday, March 3, 2000
synthetic zero had a great discussion on the hyperreal the other day (feb. 20). it reminded me of hakim bey's temporary autonomous zones and a class i took on higher dimensional geometry.

here's my final project for the class and a story i wrote, which i'm both very proud of :)

my friend dan's project is much better. here's another one he did on topology and juggling.

Thursday, March 2, 2000
hatching! [via ed! (from newsci)]

here's their site on process physics at flinders university.

on capitalism, civil society and development from the industrial society

Wednesday, March 1, 2000
and last but not least: modest mouse :)

here's a rave review of their new collection of rarities and singles, building nothing out of something!