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Thursday, August 31, 2000

dancing along a line in the sand that i drew
petrarch's secretum : meditate on death

when i feel threatened i bare my teeth
desert survival techniques

Wednesday, August 30, 2000
Memory I

It was a warm day in early May, a late afternoon, most of the day fed to laziness. I couldn't make it up the trail, my brain reeling in every direction except the one I wanted to go. And I collapsed under a live oak, those massive, gnarled trees that dot the foothills and are about as close to forest as we're allowed to get.

And I remember the sudden feeling in my head, like someone had gone and suddenly spun the last number in the combination, and all the tumblers lined up, and the bolt flew open with a click that made the sparrows take to their wings. And I remember suddenly feeling like my head was a pocketwatch, and someone, maybe God, maybe me, had pressed the fob and the top of my skull flew open, and then the entire Universe rushed in, warm, liquid white light gently pouring in from the top and suffusing throughout my entire life. And I knew, I understood, and I raced home as quick as I could, laughing and crying at the same time, raced home to find my friends and tell them I got it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000


Monday, August 28, 2000
found out that tamar jacoby, who wrote in asian america for commentary is a senior fellow at conservative political think tank the manhattan institute. so is david frum and peter huber… interesting :) also found this conceptual shift that huber and mills present on technology and the changing state of the US power grid. (thanks tom d!)

shifting to the left :) i found this "old" bad subject's article by ed korthof that first got me into workable alternatives to capitalist modes of production, espousing open source development and asserting the "joys of labor". the most recent issue btw is on fear as motivation :) (thanks tony!)

been into the FEED dailies lately. here is :

there was also this article in the economist on the trafficking of women into the EU, who are then sold off into "involuntary sexual servitude", which sounds suspiciously like SEXUAL SLAVERY. get it while it lasts.

oh, and elsewhere on the web, "In their playful, oracular, Gallic way, Jacques Derrida and the deconstructionists have insisted that language ('the text') bears no determinate relation to the world. In its austere, rigorous, Teutonic way, modern logic seems to tell us something alarmingly similar." lingua franca explains.

Sunday, August 27, 2000
the divide

"Their mother is not well educated but she could find work in a packaging factory. Now the economy has changed and my daughters' future is very poor," he says.

mushroom mines

"He saw some little wild mushrooms here, and that's how the idea started," says Mr Jansen.

Thursday, August 24, 2000
here're a bunchmore sites done in various media for your amusement, education and edification :

trucklebunny (via andrew :)

more on the global brain (via hypnode)

listen to tom's songs! (aug. 22)

gross story from the washingtonpost (via pixiebaby)

socially responsible investing (via TAM)

nytimes on irony (via favabean)

modest mouse interview circa 1996 (from pitchfork)

soyouwanna convert to buddhism? (via wisdom)


The Word of the Day for August 24 is:

interpolate • in-TUR-puh-late • (verb)
1 : to insert (words) into a text or into a conversation
*2 : to insert between other things or parts: intercalate
3 : to estimate values of (a function) between two known values

Example sentence:
"I've decided that the only really effective way to mix the two modes is to do drama and interpolate comedy into it." (Woody Allen, quoted in Saturday Review, November 1980)

Did you know?
"Interpolate" comes from the Latin "interpolare," a verb with various meanings, among them "to refurbish," "to give new form or shape to," and also "to falsify." "Interpolate" entered English in the 17th century and early on applied to the alteration (and in many cases corruption) of texts by insertion of additional material. Modern use of "interpolate" still often suggests the insertion of something extraneous or spurious, as in "she interpolated her own comments into the report."

Wednesday, August 23, 2000
The rain came down and down and down and everywhere the alloyed roar of countless droplets hitting leaf and mud and puddle as one. He blinked back and breathed in and choked on the encompassing mist, atomized through the layers of waxy green corn that rose up and confined him in random static profusion. He pressed his face in his palms and then wiped the water out of his hair, a small gesture of defiance in the downpour. "It's not your fault," he mouthed through the rain and leaned against a wall of husks, cold and slick and embracing. He had no idea where to go, but he also had no where to go. At the thought he started giggling in childlike relief at the joke he had played on himself and laid down in the little clearing he had made and let the rain bury him.


He spread out across the field, stinking smoking flesh steaming in the dirt among the rows of corn. And the flesh still moved, responded to a dull black sphere the size of a fist. It winked in and out of existence. The larger chunks fused to the cornstalks would pulsate toward the ball like pink slugs, the dry husks of corn sticking to them and rustling. The smaller pieces of him lying in the dirt flopped and rolled to each other, eagerly. When they met, they embraced--blood, dirt and sticks smearing obscenely against each other, ribald tongues in the ground.


A beagle stared intently at the sphere in the midst of the growing pile of human. Head cocked, the dog deliberately closed his eyes at regular intervals--phase in, blink...phase in, blink...phase in. Blink, and slowly, slowly, inch by inch, an erection began to creep and press up against his belly as he toyed with the notion of the black sphere's inexistence.


BLOOD and semen dribbled mindlessly into the earth as all of the beagle's neurons fired at once. Had the dog's mind been viewed under a PET scan, the resulting image could not have been differentiated from the sun. With a whimper the dog slumped to the earth, and then it too wriggled inanimately to the sphere.

Friday, September 22, 2000
not much going on... here're summore links :

NADB (from FT)
incentives (from FT)

faith and business (from FT)
quaker industrialists (from FT)

among the mooks (via simcoe)
huge fungus find! (via simcoe)

in asian america (via guardian u.)
swarm semiotics (from jesper hoffmeyer)

critics are coming around: paul verhoeven will knock you on your ass and make it look awesome (via robotwiz) there's also this review by jonathan rosenbaum.

twisting our heads 180 degrees around (because we lack sufficient peripheral vision) we submerge our heads and drown in the ongoing flow that is the C-K ConneXioN!!!

> i like my 'rounding errors' theory. we're computationally defficient, but it's adequate that we know that we are. therein lies novelty, aka emergent behaviour.

that we know we have an inadequate theory is the point at which a paradigm hops into transit, no?

> {hmmm}brown stripe. so thematic. white cape with brown stripe. white car with brown racing stripes. white weblog with brown stripes.{/hmmm}

> did you hear the joke about the brown stripe IN FRONT of the underwear?

No. No no no no no.

nuh uh.

> wow, BOTH. those are either small hands or a large PROTRUSION (or orifice i guess :) what's all this innuendo about anyway?

I don't remember. That would be an exceedingly large ORIFICE, by the way.

Monday, August 21, 2000
i (engage in | am guilty of) willful obfuscation.

jukebox (via slashdot)
boom box (via metalog)

if you read this you will have read this and been disappointed.

branded world (via FEED)
intentional communities (from marcy wheeler)

instant coffee and cigarettes – quite possibly the greatest laxative ever devised? try it!

new posthuman article by erik davis! (from FEED)
prigogine dissipative structures and postmodern literature (from david porush [via ed!])

Friday, August 18, 2000
the lookist

In 1996, nine bellmen were fired from the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood because managers said they weren't "cool" enough to work at the hip, newly-renovated venue.

A few years earlier, a woman who had just graduated from the New College of California School of Law was denied jobs because partners said she did not have "front-office appearance".

The bellmen will get $1m from the Mondrian this year because eight were from racial minorities, were replaced by whites and the owner used the phrase "too ethnic" in a memo about the lay-offs. But the lawyer, Carole Cullum, could not use the fact that she was fat in order to sue.

In the US, a company cannot hire or fire employees based on gender, race, religion, national origin, age or disability. But, in all but a few places, the short, the fat and the ugly are unprotected from what they say is a real prejudice - "lookism".

rational economic behaviour

Isalo National Park in Madagascar is a breath-taking expanse of red rock formations and grasslands peppered by oases. But scarring this protected haven is the surreal and dangerous sapphire boomtown of Ilakaka, where men carry guns, picks and thoughts of only one thing - finding the "Big Big".

Before the first stone was found two years ago, there were roughly 30 people living in the savanna of Ilakaka. Now more than 20,000 live in semi-permanent quarters in the three villages comprising Ilakaka and more than 100,000 people have licences to mine the area.

Thursday, August 17, 2000
creative-destruction: microvillage (via scitech)

"a new type of community concerned with renewable resources, suitable land, locally produced materials, and most importantly, the values and dreams of the people who will live there…"

The village will include community centers that could serve as the locus for micro-industries such as marketing handmade goods and possibly even constructing roof trusses for similar villages to be built nearby in the future. The common buildings will be equipped with digital communication lines suitable for use with the Internet, so that the web can serve as an educational resource for residents.

The key to making the microvillage a success lies in its sustainability. It will be constructed of sustainable materials such as locally farmed wood, use windmills and solar energy as power sources, collect rainwater in reservoirs for drinking, and treat sewage for use as fertilizer.

15 pimp commandments from the hughes brothers' american pimp (via carey :)

  1. be cold – a pimp has got to have the ability to be as cold as necessary. he must be able to go from being ice, to being an iceberg. you dig?
  2. don't panic – WHEN YOU DON'T SEE THEM, DON'T PANIC. i know it feels damn good to ride by and see your crew of hos, but the bitch has to get busy at some point. she won't be there just because you rode by. if she is, the ho is half steppin' about your paper. but when you do show up and she ain't there, go shoot some pool or somethin' and wait for the ho.
  3. don't get excited – DON'T BE OVERLY EXCITED ABOUT GETTING YOUR PAPER FROM THE HO. a pimp has got to maintain his composure. the sooner you realize the ho is supposed to pay you, the sooner she will. don't be acting graceful to the ho.
  4. remember what you say – A NIGGA GOTTA REMEMBER WHAT HE SAYS TO A HO 'CAUSE THE HO WILL TRY TO USE IT AGAINST YOU IN THE END. a pimp must remember all of the promises he makes to the ho. he must remember what his position on a subject is and don't change it for another ho. you can't ever say anything that will trap you in the future.
  5. pace yourself – A PIMP HAS TO REMEMBER TO PACE HIS CONVERSATION. sometimes a pimp is going so fast with his conversation until he don't realize he has left the ho behind. if you are down on a live ho or even a turn out, you want her right up with you when you drop the bomb on her ass about the pimpin'.
  6. no cream puffs – DON'T BE A CREAM PUFF, WHEN YOU SEE TEARS. bitches are the best actresses in the world. especially hos. if they play you with their tears, next they'll choose another pimp on your weak ass.
  7. pimp a fresh ho right – DON'T PIMP PAST ONE HO, TRYING TO GET AT ANOTHER ONE. this mainly applies to when you're down on a fresh ho. a lot of niggas take the pimpin' as a game. this shit is real. i saw a lot of pimps have a new broad in the car, the ho is paying attention to his every word and the fool starts fuckin' with some hos on the track. catch the ho in the car, pimp. then when her ass is on the track, you can fuck with all the hos.
  8. come up with shit – WHEN YOU ARE CHECKIN' YOUR HO, YOU BETTER KEEP COMIN' UP WITH SHIT. otherwise, be able to distract her mind from the ass whippin' you are givin' her. keep bringin up shit to keep her thoughts on what you are talkin' about, instead of trippin' about what she was thinkin'.
  9. have more than one ho – LEARN HOW TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE HO. it is a learned art to having hos. especially more than three. most pimps don't know how to do it without choosing a main one. i never designated a main ho. i pimped. the hos chose me. ain't no way i'm gonna be forced to choose one of them.
  10. be diplomatic – DIPLOMACY IS THE BEST POLICY AND ALWAYS THE FIRST CHOICE. ain't no sense in killing a pimp over some ho shit. and we damn sure are not boxers. we are pimps, with plenty of conversation for occasions like that. but, if necessary, a pimp will get busy.
  11. approach with game – ALWAYS APPROACH A SITUATION WITH GAME, HAVE THE GAME IN PERSPECTIVE AND IF IT DON"T WORK, THEN… never go at a situation looking for the violent solution. it ain't necessarily the way to handle it. i never carried a pistol in my entire 22 years in the streets. i never got shot at neither. i handled all of my problems with my conversation. i'm proud of that.
  12. keep your pimp friends – TRY NOT TO LET A HO COME BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PIMP FRIENDS. i've still got most of my pimp friends i met in my first three years of the game. unless they are dead. may they rest in peace. i can't say that about my hos.
  13. trust a ho – DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRUST A HO IF IT IS WARRANTED. a lot of pimps will disagree with me on this one for sure. but i never had a ho take my money or jeweley when she left. i know a bitch is capable of and will do anything so i ain't saying be stupid. but don't you leave your jewelry and paper around those hos when you sleep.
  14. be ready – A PIMP HAS GOT TO BE READY AT ALL TIMES. you never know where the next ho is coming from. it might be at the carwash or in the supermarket or at the movies. she truly can come from anywhere.
  15. let the ho go – WHEN A HO LEAVES YOUR ASS, DON'T TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT. all women are fickle. hos are different. women function with 99.9% emotions. bitches leave for the dumbest reasons or no reason at all. least of all the reason you think it is. and i'll tell you something else, if you know why the ho left, you weren't pimpin'.

weird panel discussion on the creation of lain (via slashdot)

the movie Jacob's ladder is about a man who is a soldier, and he's wounded, and he gets better, but what he doesn't realize is that he's dead and he's experiencing part of the transition phase between life and death and at the end of the movie he goes up to where he's supposed to go and then he realizes that his whole experience of reality is an illusion, and so it draws from this Buddhist concept of reality, but again you go through this experience to get rid of all attachments, and I seem to think for myself, at least, that's what's going on in lain.

rock on :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2000
stop prisoner rape

Stephen Donaldson [former president of SPR] was gay. He was born Robert A Martin, Jr., and adopted the name Stephen Donaldson as a pseudonym for his involvement in the gay liberation movement. He was the founder of the world's first gay student organization at college, and was the first sailor to publicly fight discharge from the US Navy for "homosexual behavior." In 1973 he participated in a peaceful Quaker (that's the Religious Society of Friends--I was raised as a Quaker, though I elected not to join) protest against the bombing of Cambodia. He was arrested--and over a two day period was gang-raped by prisoners approximately 60 times. He had to have rectal surgery. Thereafter he was active in the issue of prisoner rape, until his death in 1996, of complications of AIDS contracted during that gang rape. He was 49. So he had reason to write about rape and violation, in and out of his fantasy; he knew well whereof he wrote. In fact I think he even tried to understand the position of the rapist, making him the hero in his novels. So what is the current state of the issue? SPR says that 60,000 unwanted sexual acts occur in prisons every day. Elsewhere I have read that more men are raped than women, and it may be so: raped by heterosexual males in prison. Stephen Donaldson tried to do something about this. The fact that he was gay is irrelevant; the rapists don't ask about a man's sexual preference any more than they do with women.

read about this appalling biographical note in the awghost newsletter at hipiers. sort of adds a new dimension to his stories, i think. if you're interested in prisoner rape you can read about more survivors' stories here. there was lots of other stuff in the newsletter (including his colonoscopy procedure!), but this one stood out. btw, i thought it was interesting that during colonoscopy procedures they use a sedative that is "designed to leave the patient conscious, but to make him forget."

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