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Sunday, December 31, 2000
via art7etters :
article on motels in the american consciousness
great marshall berman essay! wants "the left" to interact more :)

Saturday, December 30, 2000
fun for the holidays!
building jump (via memepool)
truth in advertising (via zen calm ink :)
create-a-fart (via favabean :)
sports moments (via robotwiz, nineteenth hole guy!)
[brouhaha erupting over at robotwisdom! with jorn unapologetically implicating zionism with judaism. i'm admittedly taken by spectacle and this one is sparkling :]
some elmpeethrees
back from portland

Monday, December 25, 2000
merry xmas, or whatever appropriate saluation for a symbolic day observed to the world view you ascribe that you find intellecutally and “spiritually” fulfilling :) shalom.

made my way to the western suburbs of portland with minimal packet loss--land of brand titans intel and nike, but also the oregon graduate institute and a primate research center. haven’t been back in awhile. there are trolleys and light rails and stuff (thanks to metro!), but i hear the death toll from public transit is five times the national average. hopefully public education campaigns (look both ways before you cross the tracks) are doing some good.

saw you can count on me. uses familiar characters/tropes to nice effect (matthew broderick, rory culkin :). a james dean-like boy returns to a small town and is reintegrated into an almost non-existent family. the alaska stuff at the end i think might’ve been referencing john sayles’ limbo.

oh, and looking through the sunday oregonian (blazers v. lakers 2:30 PST today) yesterday, get this, isaac brock is an oregonian! i imagine he’s living in cottage grove, which he’s described as the “middle of fucking nowhere.” here’s the snippet:

Modest Mouse Led by Oregonian [ed. note: emphasis mine] Isaac Brock, center below, this trio has gone from underground favorite to major label buzz band, earning enough fans with its angular pop-rock approach to sell out back-to-back shows in September and come back this soon for another two-night stand. Dub Narcotic Sound System (Friday) and Zen Guerilla (Saturday) will open the shows. 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burside St.; $12 advance, 503-225-0047.

wish i could go. like i’m seriously considering missing my flight. when i saw them in chicago they were alright, but the portland show would be really cool. what happened to indieboots? well, hopefully there’ll be something floating around later :)

also saw this the other day (via metascene). it’s really sad. i was born in livonia, if that’s any connection. here’s a band from livonia.

Like jelly on bread or jell-o on the street, the kid smeared from Oakton to Stockdale.

He glanced up at the stop sign rising out of the wet squares of sod, its eight sides complementing the ruby face. Carefully he read the foreshortened warning atop the signpost. It read, STOP, in big white reflective letters. He dumbly sat down in the grass, still pondering the miracle it had to offer while chilly moisture soaked his jeans and numbed his butt. Against the shifting grey backdrop of the sky and the misting rain that coldly pricked his upturned face, the stop sign loomed like a beacon--bright, bright red.

Down the road a Mack truck lay on its side, buried in the Anderson’s lawn like a meteor, dwarfing the newly installed beige manufactured home. “How’s my driving?” a sticker asked civilly from the rear chrome bumper. A small fire erupted on the lawn beside the truck and the wipers still rubbed dutifully against the windshield. The Anderson’s yard looked like some bizarre nativity scene. He almost smiled, however, 50 feet of peanut butter and jelly ran from their driveway to seven glistening white bars painted in the asphalt.

On the other side of the street the blocky single-story Rose K. Miller Elementary School stood darkly in a field of green. “You forgot your lunch kid,” he whispered again and again between sobs.

*an assignment for a creative writing class i took awhile ago at PSU

Thursday, December 21, 2000
mining the december nettime archives, there was this interview with eben moglen!

also rooting around in the telepolis (english) archivecomputing the uncomputable: on non-turing models of computation. i'm with carnide :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2000
you wouldn't think you could rock out to enya, but you can! just imagine :)

as dusk settles in county donegal, you sit in quietude by your wood burning stove, a pot of chamomile tea steeping on the edge, its fragrant aroma wafts up your nostrils. you look out the panes of the window through the fading light at the willow forest perched on the hillock in the distance. mist from the bog slowly creeps across the lowlands, shrouding the countryside in rolling wispy lace. from the mist a shadowy figure appears and you hear the first faint echoes of the uillean pipes as the stars blink into existence, one by one, out of the clear night sky. the pregnant moon, now rising over the horizon lends a white ethereal light to the scene.

cricket song lightly courses through your cabin as you reach to light the mantle on the coleman lantern with your "click stick," but as the glow illumines the corded hammock where your three year old drifts in peaceful slumber, the ears of rowyn, the basset hound at your feet, perk up. the chorus of crickets crescendo like a swelling violin section suffusing the room with warm lush energy. you begin to hum in thousand part overdubbed harmony while tympanis punctuate the air like rolling thunder across the land. ancient gaelic script floats across your vision and slips across your tongue as you stand from your wooden throne, goblet in hand, and pour a cup of tea for your guest.

no rockin out to radiohead. well maybe on "let down," but that's it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000
global trends 2015:
a dialogue about the future with nongovernment experts [from the NIC (via drudge)]

health: a key to prosperity
success stories in developing countries [from the WHO et al (via c-span)]

remembered to get toilet paper from work and found ten bucks in the wash. i'm set!
[listening to kid a and a day without rain, great schtuff :]

btw, here are charlene"finessed PNTR with china"barshefsky's thoughts at a moment of transition.
[from the office of the USTR (also via c-span :)]

Monday, December 18, 2000
carey's links! i really haven't had time to get to them all (cuz of my exceptionally busy schedule :), but here they are (except for the goth porn!) so i don't forget.

kinda cool, not super execution though
Erla will do your bidding! No shit!

Hey, I don't know if you remember or not, but they've updated their site with bumch of their latest motion pieces. They did that easter greeting with the stuffed white bunny floating in a blue display setup that was really cool.

also, I may have already sent this link, but has some really cool motion pieces too. It's just so awesome when a motion designer who has excellent rhythm can really create a visceral experience. same with the really good animators.
some really nice photography delivered well
check out "Yabu", the issue #092 presentation in the left column, but make sure you do it on a computer with an ethernet hookup at least, and sound.

and while you're in hi-bandwidth mode, go to Looks like they do crappy work for clients, but their self-promo stuff rules!
is real cool with lewis carrol rhymes and stylish
this is a little on the insane side, in a cool way
crazy slavic copycats
remember this site? got a facelift. not much there, but looks cool. there's sort of a popup window at the start that looks cool, but it's not the actual site. i was a little confused.

Sunday, December 17, 2000
cool, this reviewer featured on epinions kind of likes the same stuff i do. he likes mere christianity, i like mere christianity. he likes persona, i like persona. he likes modest mouse, i like modest mouse. it's uncanny! there are some differences. like while he picks felicity, i would pick c-span. he'd choose wings of desire, i'd choose angst essen seele auf. he'd say sixpence none the richer, i'd say enya… or POD, maybe, i dunno. i think it might be an age thing, but i mean it's definitely there. looking around his homepage, he, tony pellum :) also likes ecclesiastes! ecclesiastes rocks.

"All is vanity!" sad and funny and so true.

Saturday, December 16, 2000
hey i was in las vegas with my old boss from chicago, rao v. we're working on a secret project together, you know, to add a little mystery and stuff :)

saw an x-rated hypnotist, justin tranz! pretty hilarious, like he was making people have sex with their chairs and stuff. it was cool. he started out saying things like (in a booming voice): IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHETHER YOU CAN BE HYPNOTIZED, YOU ARE THINKING WAY THE FUCK TOO MUCH. and then one thing led to another and he had all these people on stage who believed and did whatever he said! awesome. i think one girl got into trouble with her boyfriend afterward for being way too, um, much of an exhibitionist.

oh, and i tried working out for like the first time in two years. i thought i was doing pretty good, until after i did this pull-up type work out and stood up and almost fainted. all my blood went to my muscles, where i guess it wasn't used to being. but there was this mid-40s guy there who was a monster. me and this other guy in the gym pretty much just stared at him the whole time we were there. he wasn't big or anything, really regular looking, but every station he went to he would do the whole stack of weights and scream his head off. it was incredible.

other memorable events :)

*this stanza from desolation row

Ophelia she's 'neath the window
for her i feel so afraid
on her 22nd birthday
she already is an old maid
to her death is quite romantic
she wears an iron vest
her profession is her religion
her sin is her lifelessness
and although her eyes
are fixed upon
noah's great rainbow
she spends her time peeking into
desolation row

*watching a movie and TV on an airplane (flip down screens)

*using an electric shaver on a couch

*pressing the screen on a laptop (liquid crystal!)

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