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Tuesday, November 21, 2000
in my ongoing efforts to alienate my readership and impregnate them with the knowledge of how utterly distateful and repugnant a character i am :P i vainly surrender these utterances, burnt offerings on the sacrificial altar that is the C-K ConneXioN!!!

>  had another this morning to soothe me after having to get up with 2 hours of sleep. class is great though. you have the energy to get up because you know that in class your instructor is going to say say the words "hard cock" in the same sentence as "visual rhetoric" and "wet pussy".

the cock 'n pussy! (rooster and cat)

>  the fun stuff happens when there's a dialogue BETWEEN the visual and the textual messages. again, how they modify each other to produce new meaning. its the 1+1=3 phenomenon, but it's more like 1+1=1 cuz the 1 and the 1 become inseparable.

check out the attachment. i think it's pretty awesome. iconography.

>  > kind of like why so many people find interpretive dance so frustrating. people aren't bees.

>  how's that? maybe it's sleep deprivation... i can't follow.

you know how bees do a little dance to communicate to other bees the location of flower patches and stuff they've found? well, people aren't bees! get it :)

>  you notice how much communication actually takes place and via what substances when you take a verbal conversation and remove the words. Like, watch some people who speak a different language and see if you can figure out what they're 'saying' to each other. gestures, cadences, facial expressions, postures, rapidity or caution, etc. It makes texts seem even more artificial (removed from 'human') because they strip MOST of the communicating signifiers away.

yeah, textual language is really weird. it's very imaginative. when they talk about "voice" or "imagery" it all takes place in the mind of the reader. like are there other modes that leave more to the imagination?

like in film the advent of offscreen space was a real innovation because it drew the viewer in by emphasizing what was onscreen while at the same time letting her use more of her imagination as to what was off. playing off the two made for more interesting worlds and genres. but in writing, everything is pretty much "offscreen."

>  >
>  >

>  screw you! I got addicted to amihotornot for an hour last night. I'm not sure how, but I did. what an interesting site! I wish that after like half an hour it would start tallying the ratings you give and then start learning and suggesting more and more proper picks for you... pics that you'd rate higher. It'd just be sorta dehumanizing to have a machine pick your mate, or at least your sexual preference for you, and then for it to be right.

there's also its bastard child you know, which you might prefer being goth and all. i can't really get into rating things. making decisions? preferences?

this book sounds like a winner

dutch animal farm highrises

newsci fairly rocks.

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Monday, November 20, 2000
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Sunday, November 19, 2000
cool pix and animations at the irtc (via jimwich)

qrime (thanks csmith!) i like the scaling in the city.

enya, new age GODDESS, has a new album out nov 21 :)

Saturday, November 18, 2000
pictures from paraná courtesy of marcio jorge dos santos' homepage. i like these ones:

eagerly awaiting :)

  • james joyce on bayes' theorem (?)
  • pavement on spaceghost

    *STOMP, Clap, STOMP-STOMP, Clap*

    Its name is Pavement
    It likes to boogie
    And when it boogies

    *STOMP, Clap, STOMP-STOMP, Clap*

    Its name is Hipster
    It likes to boogie
    And when it boogies

    Sunday, November 19, at midnight (e/p)!

    --Space Ghost

Friday, November 17, 2000
the most resented woman in america by peter bagge

lost and found by lynda barry

Thursday, November 16, 2000
What element of Heidegger do you think America needs?

Science and technology have a leading role in our culture. They're often seen as the arbiters of truth. One of Heidegger's main points is that science and technology are built upon something that cannot be understood in scientific or technological terms. Poetry and art, for instance, might be ways of reaching that deeper truth, that experience of the world that is pre-scientific. Often we in America don't know what to do with poetry and art. For us they're just entertainment or relaxation. What if there were a deeper truth? Maybe there's a strain of American culture that longs for that.

--richard polt, interviewed by salon

an idler's glossary! by joshua glenn

"Dawdler." "Layabout." "Shit-heel." "Loser." For as long as mankind has had to work for a living, which is to say ever since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, people who work have disparaged those who prefer not to. This glossary, which closely examines the etymology and history of over two hundred idler-specific terms and phrases (whether pejorative, positive, or simply descriptive), aims not merely to correct popular misconceptions about idling, but to serve as a preliminary foundation for a new mode of thinking about working and not-working. It is intended to be specifically useful for journalists, who will never again have any excuse for describing an indolent person as "languid," Epicurean behavior as "dissipated," or an idler as a "slacker."

Wednesday, November 15, 2000
math is weird

great article/science writing from newsci (via arts&letters) :: overview of the riemann hypothesis, implication with quantum chaotic systems (noticed by none other than freeman dyson :) the possible discovery of its proof in the near future! and questions...

Why do the primes achieve such a delicate balance between randomness and order? And if their patterns do encode the behaviour of quantum chaotic systems, what other jewels will we uncover when we dig deeper?

theory and practice in curitiba

discs of tron yo

Tuesday, November 14, 2000
here's a look at china's military ambitions in asia from commentary. it rests on three pillars of assumption as outlined by aaron l. friedberg.

  1. china will not devolve despite wrenching changes to its economy and political system over the next several decades
  2. china will seek to displace the US as the predominant power in asia
  3. this is at odds with US strategic policy and economic interests in the region; although some concessions are likely to be granted, ultimate surrender of US "pride of place" is not an option

of course the situation so framed leads to some interesting hypotheticals. i thought this one sort of stood out in particular because it seemed so uninformed :

One final possibility: because China promotes exports while restricting imports, it has run substantial trade surpluses in recent years and accumulated large foreign-exchange reserves. In 1998, for example, the PRC's reserves stood at over $140 billion, second only to Japan's. If China continues to amass large reserves and if, as seems likely, the bulk of these are held in dollar-denominated assets, they could provide Beijing with an economic weapon against the United States. By dumping its reserves at the right moment, China might hope to trigger a run on the dollar, an increase in U.S interest rates, and perhaps a stock-market crash. It is true that such an attack, if it produced the intended immediate results, could also do serious damage to China's economy; the mutually destructive effects of attempts at currency manipulation and financial coercion have caused some analysts to compare them with nuclear weapons. But the prospect of mutual devastation does not necessarily provide an ironclad guarantee that a weapon will never be used.

whether china could actually affect such a scenario i think is kinda doubtful*, but speculation and "scenario planning" aside, it's telling that people are beginning to read china's intentions as obsessively as with the soviet union during the height of the cold war. not that china isn't a repressive regime and an aspiring monolithic entity of a mind to subjugate its neighbors, but that by all accounts coming from the so-called intelligence community there's that whiff of fear and tinge of paranoia (bordering on psychosis :) that instills the feeling in me, someone who is ethnically chinese, of what al gore has called "contextual hostility" -- being that they're seeing things the way they want to see them and rather not as they really are. um, and that applies to the powers that be in china too, cuz i mean it's hard to take the US seriously as a "neutral power" in asia, or i guess anywhere else for that matter.

chalk it up to ideological differences in national self-determination or just a simple misunderstanding, but how about a little personal growth while respecting each others' space, a little maturation, a little less ego, some humility, maybe a cultural exchange or two...

obviously, having an enemy is a good way to keep the citizenry in line, and for the purposes of the state, diverts attention away from its own failings, inadequacies and internal need for control, not to mention re-forge national identity so the people are more responsive to the will of the ruling class. more often than not, tho, such activities i.e. "nation building" fractures public opinion (especially with the ubiquity of information channels!). i have to say i find mass schizophrenia pretty fascinating. like beyond the rationale and politics of escalation, MAD, détente and rapprochement, it's the integrity of the system that's placed at risk, with just as much violence projected inward as outward -- a world out of balance. but by the same token, it's also an inspired source of creativity, because the chinese of course, are capable of anything :)

*i'm no expert or anything, but being somewhat knowledgeable in global finance and wartime economics, this "final possibility" is pretty small. in order to dump its reserves, china would have to find buyers for its US currency, usually other central banks around the world. which is pretty easy to do, except that by getting rid of all your dollars -- the "reference currency" for the world, the most liquid financial asset out there and the number one choice of black marketeers and money launderers everywhere for its safety and convenience -- you're kind of telegraphing to everyone, namely currency traders and central banks (who notionally exchange some $2 trillion every day), your mischievous intentions. and, to put it bluntly, they will trash you and your financial system and by extension your economy and your ability to make war in a heart beat and very thoroughly, i might add :) it's nice having the global financial system on your side. it's like having a death ray. everyone else btw would be frantically selling off their currencies and buying dollars. also, china is becoming a net importer of such essentials as grain and oil and will likely move to a freely convertible currency over the next few years, which makes it even harder.

chinese propaganda (via kerplink!)

oh, and for some reason redirects you to, which is not only weird, but creepy and unsettling.

Monday, November 13, 2000
hey! alexander "sasha" chislenko, super-futurist and html master, also reads the public netbase and links to a much better page than the one i always reference. also check out his lists of interesting essays and great thinkers. btw, if you haven't already signed the petition to support the public netbase, please do.

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